Date: November 2022

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Today I saw a red leaf turn and falland don upon its face that orange mask.A Halloween occurrence from back home,up here, anything beyond August goes. I had to go northward, I had to knowjust how does fresh snow land on a facewhen not merely sprinkled, but dumpedby playful Jack Frost and lake effect

Back then I thought everything needed a heart:the dots over the two little i’s in my name;the lids of my art class clay pinch pots;drawings of cats with too-long whiskersriding on bright green trains that fellright off the page. But then I learned there are animals with no heart:starfish, sponges,

For Ireland’s Home BabiesBased on the exhibition (A)Dressing our Hidden Truths by Alison Lowry located at the National Museum of Ireland-Decorative Arts & History   There are ghosts in those glass gowns.I see it now: tiny, little,limp phantom limbs, danglinglifelessly (swaying in the draft).S

there are times such that i want to hold the world in my palm as gentle as if made of glass or babies or metimes i want to cup orange seashells and shiny blue stones and whisper in their ears sweet soothingstimes i want to kiss them and carry them and love them, keep them […]

Tonight, the brisk nighttime winds  and the shrinking sliver of a moon signal  the unwelcome arrival of a new month.   August is hovering like a shadow I can’t beat, with its aggressive behavior and insensitivity  to these sacred yet fleeting moments of summer.   What I have here, in late Jul

I have a pet named Habit who has paws like a bear, a bear made of humming strips of honey, paws with retracted claws I refuse to remove, and deep brown eyes, so deep they crunch like autumn leaves and smell like drips of maple syrup.   Each strand of fur appears auburn, though up […]


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