Adriana Barker

Hi! I’m Adriana. I am a junior creative writing and communication double major. My hometown is Fort Worth, Texas, so yes, I throw around the words “y’all” and “howdy” like nobody else in the Midwest. I love photography and poetry, and have published both in Opus. Particular interests include abstract painting, horror poetry, and all forms of creative work related to horses.

Violet Peschiera

I am slowly working on becoming a media mogul. Including my work on Opus, I am also a DJ and Music director at WTHS. I have a love for all art, and I find that my jobs allow me to develop my skills of critique and editing. With my double major in Theatre and Sociology and a studio art minor, I am always very interested in how art can transform our thought and vice versa. 

Photo of Rachel Douma

Prose Editor

Emma Gail Compton

Hi! My name is Emma Gail Compton. I am a freshman majoring in History. I am from Detroit, Michigan but I am happy to call Holland home for most of the year! I love all different kinds of art and how it connects to people’s lives (I shouldn’t play favorites, but I love a good short story). Besides writing, I love music! If you ever have an extra ticket to a concert, let me know and I’ll clear my schedule. 

Poetry Editor

Kallen Mohr

Hi, my name is Kallen and I am a junior studying Sociology and English with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I have always had a passion for storytelling and exploring what makes us human. From this passion, I have found that the true power of art is most profoundly felt when both the writer and the reader are willing to be vulnerable. I have deep admiration for anyone who strives to create and I am more than excited to read everyone’s work at Opus! If you see me on campus, movie and book recommendations are my favorite form of introduction. 🙂 

Art Editor

Rachel Douma

Hi! 🙂 I’m a sophomore majoring in studio art and minoring in communications, and I love everything art-related! Some of my personal favorite mediums include digital illustration and painting of any kind, though I haven’t met a medium I didn’t have fun with! When I’m not in the studio, another passion of mine is reading, and I love incorporating themes into my art! 

Photo of Katie Shantz

Rebekah Cook

Krystyna Koedyker

Katie Shantz

Poetry Editor

Art Editor

Social Media Tzar

Rebekah Cook is a freshman at Hope College and one of our Poetry Editors at Opus. She is studying English with a Creative Writing focus and aims to be an author, editor, and proofreader after graduation. Rebekah is passionate about stories, music, and her faith. 

Hey! I’m Krystyna. I am a senior majoring in Communications with a minor in Art History. I enjoy oil painting, photography, and making digital art. I love to use lots of color in my works! Other than making art, I like to take lots of walks in nature, and travel. My favorite places I’ve been to so far have been Denmark and Japan! 🙂

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m a studio art major, so it was a no brainer to join the Opus team. I enjoy looking at and discussing all mediums of art, but when I create it’s usually drawing, painting, or sculpture. I love creating and I love meeting other creatives. I think that’s one of the best parts of going into a creative field, the sense of community. We’re all just artists trying to get through this together. Cheers.

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