after Marianne Chan   I feel // my body heavy. // This is how I worry: / my body, my body   I try

Earl grey skies swaddle the rooftops like hand-knit mittens.  A reluctant rain begins to fall, patt

At nightfall, we followed the path past the crabapple where blackberries thread their thorns into th

we sit in a dark room as clear cords and red strings spiral from your mother’s nostrils.     she

swiss-army knife fingers smear blood berry jam preserves stick to cement even road worms wiggle away

This heart is a bloody mass of flesh in my chest that swells, sinks, skips beats and breaks. It cann

after William Carlos Williams’ “Between Walls”   That spring, I’d drive fast along the back

choke down your pretext   throw a line a wiretap dots and dashes make a ribbon confessions are best

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is declaring a state of emergency in the city to combat the recent upt

bittersweet flavor my dad obsessed over   present at Christmas, church potlucks, and political fami

Explain to me the imagined self. Is blood thicker than water?             Maybe I am thicker

you are written in knife on the lines of my hands  and the hands of my mother    your love falls

They’re still wading in the shallow end,  where depth is scant but wide-eyed youth prevails. Wait

Between the blue  lines of pale  wide ruled notebooks, I used to draw arrows (→) at the bottom 

Tell me of the night your mind got ahead of itself. Was it like the head of a racehorse, chopped off

I pray for the eyes  that have seen  a noose hanging in their garage.   I pray for the noses  wh

it is New Year’s Eve and I am pouring sweet and sour dreams down the drain, wrinkling my nose at t

sticky fingers swipe sugar syrup onto my sparkly shirt.  I scream outrage, your peach fuzz face gli

What were their names? I knew them once. They arrived at the mall diner  every afternoon at 4, and


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