“april” By Katelynn Paluch  it is spring storm april there is blue lagoon on my belly and r

“autumn”By Katelynn Paluch winter unravels the seamsof gold green gratitude from the treeso

“chai” By Katelynn Paluch there are so many things i want to say like i am scared of letting any

Dear,By Liliana Fraser-Shade I thought of so many things I could’ve said to you when I watche

s w i n g s By Noel Vanderbilt Childhood was whirling swings (Woosh. Whir. Again!) and toes peeking

Haven of Bones By Beata Huntington Bury me in the forest where the greenery grows thick Water my bon

foreign By Eileen Ellis there must be a word for this voice that tells me if only I could peel mysel

formation By Liliana Fraser-Shade you are an impossible little bundle knit between my ribs breathing

Untitled By Kylie Sneller  Deep within the Northern woods, the journey should you make, beneath

Pieces of Sky By Trent Thiele Eyes pointed toward the bleak heavens, the ground is dotted with white

When I Looked By Noel Vanderbilt I drew a breath, for the world gleamed golden and I saw an old man

Sundays By Kallen Mohr i’ve learned not to go out on Sundays lest the crushing weight of lonelines

The Kiss, 1907 By Emma Compton I understand Klimt now I get it The gold, yellows The bend of the nec

Mean By Kallen Mohr And I was mean, true mean. My mom said I am nothing like her, I disagree. Questi


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