Date: December 2023

Raised up from soft white dust, sticks for brains, rocks for eyes, built with the boys I trust, head, shoulders, knees, and toes   I dove in your snow guts.   Sticks sliced brains, rocks rammed eyes ground apart by scorched hands. Knees, shoulders, head, and toes thinned into threshed lake sands.

On Wednesday, the farmers down the road  copiously sprayed their  phosphorus and nitrogen onto the soil  like it was a 21-spice seasoning on a mediocre meal, meant to enhance and elevate averageness. They probably believed that  if plants had souls,  the extra flavor would save them *** Someday

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          You’ve finally turned eighteen. What a monumental age to be; something of importance to brag about to your younger siblings when they complain about how many more privileges you get. Your friends pick you up and compliment how you’ve done your hair, pulled it up into a high ponyta


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