Dressing Room Mirrors

Dressing Room Mirrors

By Gabrielle Crone

I don’t struggle with body image. I struggle with the image
of my body when the shared “party top” barely pulls over
my chest. I have an issue with the image of my body when
I look into the dressing room mirror after the dress I adored
had to be put back on the rack. I have that heart sinking
feeling in my chest when their eyes breeze past me and
attention is directly on my roommates. I’m there and
standing at eye level. Directly in “falling in love” eye level.
The “this is the girl I’ll marry” eye level. But maybe that
means they’re not on my level. That I’m the girl of
someone else’s dream level. That the image of true love is
on a higher eye level, and I won’t find that looking at my
body in the mirror.

I have to leave the dressing room for that.

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