Setters Pointe Boulevard

Dollhouse playdates, sidewalk chalk. 

Fairy gardens. 

Swingsets, sunsets. 

Treehouse hideouts. 

Play pretend. 


Buggy bonfires, ghost in the graveyard. 

Naked Barbie parties. 

Bike rides, early nights. 

Finding fireflies. 

First friends.


Wii Bowling, Just Dance. 

Apples to Apples. 

Short walks, new dogs. 

Beach breaks.

Please attend. 


Quick dinner, sports practice. 

Homework hour.

Separate schools, different friends. 

“Want to hang?”

“Sorry, I can’t.”


Driver’s license, late-night rides.

Midnight movies. 

First kisses, protective parents. 

Missing witnesses.

Intentional inconsistence. 


Graduation gowns, contrary caps. 

Ignored invitations. 

Apology accepted, forced forgiveness. 

College commitments. 

Damning distance.


Play pretend, first friends. 

Please attend. 

“Sorry, I can’t.” 

Intentional inconsistence. 

Damning distance. 


My boulevard, Setters Pointe.


By Lindsay Jankowski

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