Extension of Me and You

I hold my breath to hear your soothing song.                                                     

I will not waste-away listening to your hateful cough.                                       


Let me grab your hand to walk in the dark,                                                        

For the light has disappeared and is far behind you now.                                       


Can your love become endless for her,                                                     

It feels as though your love for her has faded.                


Let us hide up and away in the closet,                                                               

Our common enemy’s wrath knows no boundaries.


Blood covered the beige carpet on the last step,                                                

Why do you claim to care when there are still jaded stains?                             


You tell me that smiling will bring back happiness,                                          

But breaking my jaw to fit your mold only causes pain.                                   


Pass the bottle filled with poisonous bliss,                                                        

This memory is simply too hard to bear by myself.   


Greta Miller

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