The house is in shambles

And the boy is freezing.

All that can be done is to watch as the sun sets

Leaving us alone in our house on the marsh.


The boy is freezing cold

And sleep is no longer a valid option.

Alone in our house on the marsh

As the creature crawls from the earth and to my window.


Unable to rest,

I am petrified by this monster.

As he crawled from the earth, up to my window.

With his mouth unmoving he asked for the boy.


I am petrified by this monster,

His rotting hand creeping into my window.

Unmoving this creature asked for the boy,

But he is not mine to give.


A rotted hand creeped into the window,

As he warned me the cost of my refusal

He was not mine to give,

So I paid with my heart, my tears, and my soul.


Again he warned me of the price to pay

So the next night there is a fire intended for me

That I paid for with my heart, tears, and soul.

I’m outside with the creature while the little boy burns.


Mykaelis North

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