Treasuring Opportunities

Last Friday (and last night, because I’m overindulgent and quite smitten with the performance) I was able to attend the Hope College Dance Department’s production of Dance 42. One of the best parts about being a college student is the countless amount of opportunities that exist to attend such a broad range of events. As an artist in constant search of inspiration, I feel wildly fortunate to have it right in front of me almost anytime I go looking. With dance, specifically, it is really neat to see ideas that I am constantly wrestling with in my own art, come to life in such a fresh and singular way. Since the subject of most art is humanity (that is to say, an attempt to capture what makes us human), an encounter with the body as a medium is a really wonderful element to bring into your work. Some dances made a statement about social justice issues, while others captured the stages of growth, but each dance, regardless of genre or statement, was an equally poignant praise for the body and a true pleasure to witness. I left the performance (both nights) full of appreciation and energy that I could not wait to transfer to the pages of my sketchbook and the lines of my poems.
One of the primary purposes for art is to engage in conversation. When you get an opportunity to foster that conversation, it is so important and rewarding to take it. This blog post turned into a bit of a shout out for Dance 42, but whether your preferred event is a dance performance or a discussion on economics, try and treasure your opportunities as a student!
Have a weekend full of peace and adventure and remember to keep your head up – only one more week until Spring Break!
Grace Hulderman
Poetry Editor

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