In the 90’s my Tia wore her brown glazed lip, gold chains, baggy pants to school; she was called a ghetto, dirty– CHOLA. Now reflected on paler skin. Now its big gold hoops are cute. Now being brunette is trendy.


When did slick hair in a bun, big gold hoops, and Kiley’s gloss drip named “Besitos”

become the clean-girl aesthetic?

Babygirl, Hailey Bieber – it’s the Latina cosplay for me.


Kendall Jenner launched her 818 tequila in February 2021 

She dared to name her tequila 818 after the Los Angeles area code.

Kendall, don’t you feel like your ancestors in 1848 took enough from my people?


Tell me, did you know 

– your “LA” or your “Cali” used to be mi lindo México?

Tell me, did you know

– they exploit the jalisciense workers who harvested tequila and agave for your 818? 

Tell me, did you know 

–that tequila and agave go back to the centuries-old traditional food, drink, and products of indigenous people. 


My Horchata is not mud or cinnamon water.

Mi agüita de Pepino is not your “spa water.”


Como las niñas se vuelven locas por hacer de tal manera para ponerse morenas.

Pero cuando ven a mi linda Virgencita de Guadalupe no ven la belleza de su piel.


Pero cuando yo era niña recuerdo cuanto odiaba mi linda hermana el color de su piel.

Me sostengo por los sacrificios de mis ancestros, no para que mi cultura sea un disfraz.


Supongo si no sabias, nosotros somos los originales.


(Jazmin) Aracely Diaz

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