Untitled (in true Dickinson fashion)

What makes us Different – 

Lady in White?


What makes us Broken – Clocks

Looping in a Broken – Record

A Scratch of Chalk?

Our Chalkboard was – a Sidewalk


Your – Clock

Is my Permission Slip –

To Slip into my own – Pool

Your Broken – Poetry – is my Slide


I’m glad that we’re Different –

Lady in White

I’ve tried on your Beautifully Broken – Dress

Your Temporary – Immortality

But I didn’t like the Way – your Dog barked


So thanks –

Lady in White

– I truly appreciate your Permission

But we can’t preach Autonomy

When Belonging Broken – together


Which is why I must Slip – 

Out of this Dress

– Too Tight and Heavy on Me –

And become – Different

From even – You


Rebekah Cook

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