Hello! I’m Abby, one of the poetry editors! I’m new to Opus and writing a first post is very intimidating. As I struggled to come up with a topic, my brain got stuck on Valentine’s Day—because it’s Valentine’s Day. Love is an interesting theme to trace through literature. I looked up “best romantic novels” and smirked my way through the list Google gave me. What was number one on the list? Wuthering Heights. Nothing says true love like Heathcliff making Catherine’s life miserable because he couldn’t be with her. Also, he dies with a devilish grin on his face. Pardon me for not swooning. Next up was Jane Eyre. Proposing to a woman while you hide your crazed wife inside the wall is truly touching. That love story may be more Friday the 13th than February the 14th. Please don’t mistake me for a jaded cynic though. I researched ways to combine love of literature with Valentine’s style love and found some true gems. Consider sending these cards to someone special in your life instead of building a house across the lake from them (I’m looking at you Jay Gatsby).

Inline image 1Inline image 2

This one is my personal favorite:

Inline image 3 *heart throbs*

If you prefer to forget about Valentine’s Day, there is always Netflix and pizza. Perhaps you could also read a healthier romance novel than the novels mentioned such as Lord of the Flies.

Sending you all the (properly balanced) love from Opus, 
Poetry co-editor

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