Hello, readers! This is Sadina, here, one of the co-editors. I’m sorry about last week’s absence of a blog. I’m going to be honest with you. I was sick – throwing up like crazy. There’s been a bug going around, and people are catching it left and right. 

This got me thinking, though. What do writers do when they’re sick? They’re people too! Hemingway must have gotten sick now and again. Even Kafka – maybe Kafka more than the rest. With this in mind, I did what any sick writer would do – I used my resources and got some information. I ended up finding this article with great tips on “Writing when you’re sick, tired, or just hate the world.” 
The link is attached, but I’ll lay out the bare bones for ya (in case you’re like me and hate opening new tabs). 
  • Stimulate yourself – coffee, vitamin C, a monster, something
  • “Let incoherence be your guide” and let the delirium shape your writing. After all, you never know what you’re gonna get
  • Give yourself a chance to use this to create something new, something you wouldn’t write if you were feeling well enough to follow your conventions
  • Try to work these crazy ideas into what you have already established 
  • Write something and throw it out — let this liberate you 
  • Just write. Just pound it. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece – it just has to be something 
What I take from all of this is JUST WRITE! JUST WRITE JUST WRITE JUST WRITE! If you don’t write – just create – whatever it is you create. This article is relevant to artists in general – potters, painters, actors, so on. Go for it! 
I hope you check it out. Once you’re done creating, send your art to Opus and give your awesome work a chance to breathe and live. Thanks for reading! 
Wishing you a happy Friday, 
P.S. Here’s a little “sick food” humor (credit to Google images)

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