Opus is Back!

Hello all!
We are so excited to kick off a new year of Opus. This year, we have not one but TWO new coeditors PLUS an entirely new staff and a whole lot of eagerness to see your work! The submission deadline this semester is Friday, September 23rd, so gather up all of those poems, stories, paintings, photos, etc. that you have been working on all summer and get ready to submit them to us (just email opus@hope.edu)!
We want to encourage everyone not to get hung up on whether or not your piece is 100% perfect or “good enough” to submit. While we encourage a healthy revision process and want you to always be working towards bettering yourself as a writer or an artist, sometimes it is hard to be objective about your own work (after all, we are our own worst critics). So give yourself and your art a chance and SUBMIT. We also want to encourage everyone to submit all types of art and writing. Opus exists to showcase the variety of talent that Hope students have to offer and we want to help show just how unique you all are! If you are worried about whether or not your style is our cup of tea, please don’t be, and again, just submit.
After we have received all of the submissions, meetings will start up again, and we are hoping to see as many of your excited faces as possible in attendance! Remember that our meetings are completely open no matter who you are – meaning that even if you don’t produce art or writing yourself but are interested in it, we want you there! This is a wonderful chance not only to learn more about art and literature and how to talk about it but to commune with a group of likeminded people who have the same passions that you do.
We wish everyone lots of luck as the new semester starts and can’t wait to see what you all will have to offer this year!
Submit away!
Grace Hulderman


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