Hi, everyone! This is Sadina, one of the co-editors of Opus! 

First, I’d like to thank everyone who came to Opus Soup! It was a success as we were happy with the turnout, impressed by the information the artists shared and their presentation of their material, and how delicious those snacks were, am I right?! Again thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made Opus possible this semester. We hope that you all enjoy the edition and that you pick up as many copies as you would like (they are distributed in academic buildings all over campus. Should you want more, there are a ton in the English department, third floor of Lubbers). 
This blog is to update and inform you on what’s happening with Opus for the next semester. 
We are happy to announce that Tommy D’Addario is joining the Opus team as our new prose editor! Grace Hulderman remains our poetry editor; Samantha Grody remains our art editor; and Abigail Klett and I will remain the co-editors. 
We are hiring for two new co-editors early in the semester (interviews will commence at the end of January). This is a paid position and a time commitment, so please review the application carefully. You will need two recommendations, so plan accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact either Abby (Abigail.klett@hope.edu) or me (Sadina.brott@hope.edu). We will be emailing the application soon. If you do not receive an email by the end of finals week and are interested in applying, please email either Abby or me, or you may email opus@hope.edu. 

The co-editor for Opus is responsible for overseeing all aspects 


– making a schedule for the semester

– setting deadlines

– reserving rooms

– publicizing meetings and events

– monitoring and making an annual budget

– directing editorial meetings (including making submission packets, leading 

– discussion, taking attendance, and keeping up-to-date notes)

– laying out the pages for the issue using the Adobe InDesign and Photoshop 

computer programs

– contacting and collaborating with an outside printing company to print the 


– meeting with the faculty advisor

– planning the semesterly release event called Opus Soup

– checking the group e-mail account

– supporting the rest of the executive board.

It is recommended that two co-editors work in tandem on these tasks.

We will also be hiring a new art editor and a new prose editor around the end of next semester, so keep your eyes open for that. These are also paid positions. 
Opus is hoping to push the boundaries even further next semester in terms of what kind of content we collect. We were impressed by how this semester’s material was very personal, poignant, and bold. These pieces dealt with issues that most college students deal with but are rarely represented in the media or in everyday conversations. Because of this, we feel that Opus has fulfilled its mission to represent a voice of campus that represents the diversity of the student body of Hope College. We would like to try to push ourselves next semester by looking a little harder at what diversity is and how can we illustrate various voices on campus. 
The official dates of the meetings have yet to be set (as well as the submission deadline), but WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO KEEP CREATING OVER BREAK SO YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR AMAZING WORK IN JANUARY. We hope that you will spend some time writing or making art in order to relax and express yourself in your well-deserved time off. 
If you are interested in getting involved or would like to hear more about Opus, please feel free to contact anyone on the Opus team or email Opus (opus@hope.edu). Another blog will be released soon with more specific dates of when meetings and submission deadlines will be happening (probably at the end of this next week). 
Thanks for reading, and good luck with this final stretch! Remember, break is just around the corner! Soon, you can say this: 
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