Date: October 2021

A Recipe for Disaster By Eileen Ellis It’s a complicated recipe. A single mistake could ruin the whole thing. Luckily, I’ve been baking for a while now. It has become a secret hobby of mine. If anyone found out, I would be in huge trouble. This isn’t just my hobby though; it’s his too. We [&

Barracuda!  By Gabriela Rose       Does anyone remember the animated film about the fish who lost his child? The one where the fish decides it would be a good idea to hire an amnesiac to retrace the child’s steps? Ah yes, the beloved tale of a clownfish questing for a son traum

The Water-bearer (after “Punta del Este Pantoum” by Chip Livingston) By Kathryn Chupp Over the split-open earth, wind, water, I wait to hear You — Who must be in power, in groaning oceans. I lay in my seaside cave, the slivered entrance behind me. Out there, the waves chase the sand: rejector


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