Petals of Ocean Sapphire

Petals of Ocean Sapphire
(Based on Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Blue Morning Glories”)
By Jasmine Hoffman

Blossom into spring with a violent
thrust upwards. Silent blue petals stretching
to the loud, vibrant sun beams. May provides
each petal its necessary energy. Shocking
each stem with nutritious
vibrations. A simple delicacy lies
within each rooted vein. A burst of sweet color—
sunshine yellows, pine needle greens,
newborn blues. All
those not fully bloomed
into their deep, dark,
ocean sapphire. Full potential not yet
showing, but ever growing. Growing through
the newness of May. Developing
and deepening those pale blues
in the warmth of June. And withering away
in the blistering heat of July.

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