As I reflect on the past few weeks, I’m starting to realize I let myself get pretty beat. My schedule has been flooded with group projects, last minute essays, prep for exams. The creative energy has been put by the wayside, and in the past few days I’ve realized how out of touch I’ve fallen with the work I’m most passionate about.
As soon as this rose to my consciousness, I started putting some pressure on myself to write more. I took my assignment-based, school-mindset and tried to apply it to my writing. As soon as I started putting expectations on myself to produce something good, something impressive my mind started cramping.
Mallory, one of my lovely art-adoring friends, realized she’d been doing the same thing and it wasn’t producing any results, so this weekend we decided to hit the road and cozied up in a new coffee shop in the closest big city we could find.
I’m happy to report that in this current moment I’m sitting with a savory pastry in hand and one of my best friends beside me. Maybe the caffeine will kick in at some point and give me some writer’s inspiration, but maybe it won’t. Either way that’s okay because sometimes what really matters is letting the experiences soak into your mind not in hopes of getting a good piece out of it, but simply for the sake of living life.

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