Happy (almost) Halloween!

 Get spooky, Hope College – this blog post is to remind you to celebrate! To celebrate this eerie, imaginative holiday, but also to celebrate the beauty of life!
 For the past week, I have spent almost every waking moment dedicating my time to research papers, meetings, group projects, and textbook readings. As it seems may be true for many of us, the semester has reached quite a difficult point.  And while it is important to put your full effort into your academic work, and I say this just as much to you all as I do to myself, please please please do not allow your creativity to get stifled.
So, how can you make sure that the artist within yourself has space to exist and thrive while also balancing your academic career and other life responsibilities? Take time out for little things. This could be as simple as just celebrating Halloween! Put on a wild costume, eat copious amounts of candy, watch some slasher movies, and spend time enjoying yourself. The busy season will never truly pass, it is up to us to take out an hour of the day (even though that paper might be due on Sunday, and you have yet to start) to experience the rich fullness of life.
 As artists and writers, this concept is even more important. Before you know it, that busy season has lasted 2 weeks, and you have neglected the paintbrush, the pen, and the words almost entirely. And for those two weeks, you ceased to be an artist or a writer. What we consistently practice becomes ingrained in us as habit – if we develop a habit of pushing aside our creative endeavors, they will get choked out. By all means, be a good student, but allow room for yourself. If you have attained a 4.0 GPA, but have allowed 4 years to pass in which you have disengaged with your passion, what have you really gained?
So, I challenge you to say yes to an impromptu trip to the movies, to take up that friend on their offer to grab coffee and just talk, to go see that band play on a Wednesday night even if you have class the next morning – life will not slow down, so catch up with it. 
Sending good vibes your way,
Opus Poetry Editor

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