Writing: Who has the time

Finding time to write during the school year is always something of a challenge. Between going to class, doing your homework, extracurriculars, and finding time to relax, dedicating yourself to a personal writing project can slip through the cracks. It’s nearly impossible to get enough sleep as it is, but there is something about the daunting task of writing on a blank white page that can keep you up at night, too. 

There is one important thing I try to remember when I feel too stressed to write: writing is a form of stress relief. No matter how busy I am, writing helps me destress. It doesn’t have to be perfect on the first try–I can always come back and make it right when I’m not suffocating under piles of homework, but at least its a start. And let’s be honest, stress can give you some great material. There are actually a lot of great things about writing while under stress: good material to write about, stress relief, better focus for your other tasks. 
So when things are getting a little crazy, do a little productive procrastination and write for a while before hitting the books again. It might be more helpful than you think. 

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