Jane Austen – a world made around her

Hello! I’m one of the co-editors, Sadina. Welcome to a new semester of Opus – Spring 2015!!!

Just some information about Opus for this week:
— Deadline for submissions is Jan. 24th (next Saturday) by 11:59 pm. You can submit up to five pieces of print (poetry/prose/plays/what have you) and five pieces of art (any medium). Please attach each piece as a separate document. 
— Our first meeting will be on Monday, Jan. 26th at 7 pm in Lubbers 224! We have new editors, brand new submissions, and an excited attitude about things to come! Come one, come all! 
— We are now going to be reviewing art at each meeting as well as print, so we can all look forward to that! 
Alright, alright, now to Austen. 
I’m in a course this semester Jane Austen: Her Works and Her World, which I recommend to EVERYONE as it is amazing, challenging, and so much fun. For those of you who haven’t read her novels, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE IS NOT HER ONLY NOVEL! All of her stories are humorous, engaging, and lovely. Read, read, read! It’s what makes us artists after all! I began asking around in the class who had seen what when it came to the movies, and found that most people haven’t really watched most of her movies! BBC has done pretty much any of the novels if you want to watch a film adaption, so I don’t want to waste your time by talking about those films. However, there is an entire Austen culture of movies built off of her books, either as a funny movie or an engaging twist on her novels. So, I’ve attached some trailers so you can check it out and watch some awesome movies! Opus movie night?? Just saying! 
This one is Lost in Austen – it’s a miniseries that builds from Pride and Prejudice. A modern girl is thrown into the story of Pride and Prejudice and finds herself in Elizabeth Bennet’s place. Take a load of Darcy, because he’s an interesting depiction. 
This next one is the Jane Austen Book Club – one of my favorite movies. Several women and one brave man create a book club and discover that Austen is relatable to almost any situation in life. This poignant, funny, universal movie takes you through the journey of all six of Austen’s novels as well as every day life in terms of love and characters. 
This next film I have not seen, It’s called Austen Land starring Keri Russel. but I have heard incredible reviews on it. Check out the trailer! 
This film is also a loved one. It is the story of Jane Austen and her almost marriage experience. This provides insight to her family and her life experiences, and illuminates how her novels came to be. Moreover, it’s a heartbreaking love story starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. 
This isn’t all! Look around for more trailers and exciting experiences. 
Remember to keep writing, keep creating, and have some fun while doing it! Thanks for reading! 

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