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Howdy Opus admirers, this is Stephanie Emanuele, your friendly neighborhood Poetry Co-Editor. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what helps me get into the writing zone. It’s tough to write and even tougher during all of those times when you’re feeling totally, completely blocked. Maybe this will seem like a no-brainer to some of you, but I’m finding that my writing only gets better and easier depending on what I’m reading and how much. For example, if I’m reading a book of poetry, my prose becomes much more lyrical. Likewise, if I’m reading someone like Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club), my writing takes on a snappier tone. Many authors have been quoted saying that reading is essential to the act of writing, and I tend to agree!
Buzzfeed compiled a list of writers talking about the importance of reading – take a looksee:

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