Spring 2014 Deadline Reminder

Hello Friends of Opus,
We hope you are all staying warm enough during the polar vortex-induced cold weather. We would just like to remind you about our Spring 2014 schedule:

The DEADLINE for both art and print submissions is January 25 at 11:59pm. We ask that you limit yourself to 5 submissions per category (i.e. 5 art submissions and 5 print submissions). Send all submissions as an attachment to this e-mail:opus@hope.edu.

If you are interested in attending editorial board meetings, they will be on Thursdays and Mondays at 7pm, beginning on January 27. Make sure you put the first meeting date on your calendar; it is coming up quickly! Anyone can attend these meetings. We love to see new faces. If you attend 4 of our 10 meetings, you become an officially recognized member of the Editorial Board and we will print your name in Opus

We encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities that Opus can offer.

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